Sunday, September 30, 2012

Micro Topwaters - Mark Hicks

Rating: *****

Micro Topwaters is a great article for those who have trouble fishing topwater baits when the bite has slowed down.  As the author explains in the article, the best way to entice a fish into biting a topwater when the fish are turned off, is to downsize your offering.

If you've ever fished a topwater lure before, wether it be a popper, frog, buzz bait, or walking lure, you know that it can be the most productive and fun time you can have on the water.  Not only does it catch large fish, it also catches numbers.  The excitement of a bass exploding on your bait is hard to beat.

In this article, you will read some of the tactics that the top pros in the world use when fishing small Topwaters.  Pros like Mark Menendez, Gerald Swindle, Zell Rowland and Dean Rojas are all noted for their expertise with a topwater bait tied on.  When the bite slows down, Menendez will fish a white Strike King 1/8 ounce tri wing buzzbait, and he will replace the skirt with a small white grub to minimize the profile.  Swindle will use a Lucky Craft Sammy 65, a smaller version of the extremely popular Sammy 95.  Rowland will throw a Xcalibur Zell pop, 1/4 ounce model.  And lastly, Rojas, the king of frog fishing, will throw a bait that he designed himself for Spro, the Spro Bronzeye baby popper, a popping version of the widely used Bronzeye frog that he also designed.

I would highly recommend this article to anyone that has trouble catching fish when the bite gets really tough.  The article has taught me a lot about topwater fishing, and I will most certainly me using these techniques/lures next time on the water.

Hicks, Mark.  Micro Topwaters.  Birmingham Alabama.  B.A.S.S. 2012.  Print

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  1. Very well written review. Top marks, no feedback needed (only one small one, you forgot a word in the last sentence of your opening statement).