Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yes You Can: Conquer a Spartan Race- Erin Beresini
            Rating: ****
I loved reading Conquer a Spartan race because it shows perseverance and determination from athletes to finish a multi strength race.

            This article tells you how difficult a Spartan race can be. A Spartan race is a race that contains many different obstacles you must pass. Including, but not limited to: Jumping through fire, climbing an 8-foot-wall, crawling under barbed wire, etc. It gives you a lot of knowledge about how difficult it is to win, or even finish for that matter, a Spartan race. Because you don’t know what the next obstacles will be, there is no point in studying a map.

            I found this article really interesting to read because I’ve always wanted to participate in a Spartan race, but have never felt like I could finish it. This article doesn’t give me much more hope, but I definitely envy those people that are world champions, including Hobie Call, the man with the most Spartan race wins under his belt (17 wins).

            I really think that everyone should try at least one Spartan race in their life, because I know for sure I will be trying one soon.

Beresini, Erin. “Yes you can: Conquer a Spartan race.” Outside. June 12,2012.< http://www.outsideonline.com/fitness/outside-fitness-center/Yes-You-Can-Conquer-a-Spartan-Race-20120612.html> October 29, 2012.

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