Thursday, November 1, 2012

Article #2

Jeff Kriet changes gear for fall bass

As anyone that follows professional bass fishing would know, Jeff Kriet likes to find a spot and stay on it for a larger length of time than the average angler on the Elite Series.  But the fall is when he completely changes his approach.  In the fall, he likes to cover as much water that he can in the time given.  The bait of choice is a S├ębile ½ ounce pro shad finesse spinnerbait in holo greenie colour.  This bait was designed to be a finesse presentation that is very life like in the water, a key to this time of year because the water is so clear.  When fishing that spinnerbait, Kriet likes to focus on the backs of creeks, pockets, flats and windy banks.  Anywhere you find baitfish, you will find bass in the fall.  One tip that you can take from this article is to use a trailer hook on all the spinnerbaits you use this time of year, because sometimes the bass will be short striking and the trailer hook helps get more fish in the boat. 

This article was extremely helpful for me because the fall is one of the times that I have trouble getting bass in the boat.  I would recommend this to anyone that has trouble getting bass in the boat on the cooler days the fall often brings us.,  October 30th 2012,,  Ken Duke,  Web

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