Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bikes vs. Cars
Article Analysis“Adventura”
This article made me think about the feud going on between cyclists and motorists on the road these days. The ongoing battle of who has the upper hand, realistically I don't generally have a side. That being said this hasn't really affected me in any way. However both have equal rights on the road and both should respect one another. Cyclists generally do swerve and avoid red lights or stop signs, this enrages the motorists because they have to obey. Rules do apply to both, and that being said they need to find a way to avoid this battle. It will definitely make me realize that bikers feel the same way about drivers and drivers feel about bikers, and I've learned that both sides are basically tired of it.

RATING- I would give this article a 3 out of 5, because it will definitely raise awareness of the battle, but not change anything.
Article written by: Chris Levesque
Analyzed by: Ryan Le Blanc

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