Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stamina and Strength

By: Kathleen Seiler Neary

Rating ****

This article had me interested right away! I really enjoy learning knew things especially if it involves animals. It really goes into great detail.

This article is all about sled dogs, what they need to do and what they need to be. Sled dogs are normally Alaska huskies or Eskimo dogs and can weight from 40 to 85 pounds. The article explains how the most intelligent and fastest dog is picked to be the lead dog then behind them swing dogs whose job is to direct the team around curves. At the back of the pack you have the wheel dogs or wheelers who are right in front of the sled and are usually the largest and strongest. The rest of the dogs are known as team dogs. Sled dogs normally race from when they are 2 to around 10 and then they either stay with their owner or get adopted. Even though there is so many other ways of transportation they find sled dogs to be the most reliable in situations because of the terrine they can cover and it is also known to be cheaper.

Overall it was a nice article to read and I recommend it to anyone who likes animals and learning new things!    

"Stamina and Strength" By:  Kathleen Seiler Neary (date not found) Oct, 30, 2012

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