Monday, November 12, 2012

I will survive
By Jason Daley
Rating ****

      I will survive is A article that is short and has a good message to go along with it.
            The story is about Colby Coombs and his two friend Ritt Kellogg and tom walter. Colby who is an National outdoor leadership instructor was on vacation with his two friends in the Alaskan range. They headed up Mount Foraker which is a 17,400 foot climb. Over the three day climb they attempted to create a new rout on the already existing one. During the climb a storm rolled in and the mountain let loose, A gigantic avalanche shocked the trio. Colby was knocked unconscious and woke up six hours later hanging from his rope of the edge of the mountain. With two fractured vertebrate in his neck, a broken shoulder blade, and fractured ankle he swung over to his friend Walter who was hanging nearby. When he reached his friend he found him dead and not much latter his other friend also dead.
        I felt that this story was very interesting and shows the feeling of a man how just lost his two best friends. What state of mind he had to have to survive with the injuries and the loss of his friends. Colby also talks about the troubles he had to deal with and tell the story to his class when he has the chance to teach them.
      This is a fantastic learning lesson and interesting to think about.

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