Monday, November 5, 2012

Day Hiking Essentials : Things to bring along on your adventure - Laurie March

Day Hiking Essentials :Things to bring along on your adventure
By Laurie March

Rating : ****

This was a very helpful and interesting article to read. Some of the tips I had already heard of and used, but many were new ones that I'll be sure to use on future trips.

The article discussed lots of the necessities of day hiking such as having enough water, having appropriate clothing, the right footwear, having a compass or GPS and many other things. It also talks about making sure to have good, warm food if the weather is cooler to help keep you warm. Snacks are also a great idea to keep a good energy level while hiking. Having a good daypack is important too, according to the article. Bringing a camera along in a waterproof bag or case is another helpful tip provided in this article.

This article made me think about our hiking trip to Frontenac Park that we made together as a class. It reminds me of this because the article gives lots of helpful tips that I could have used individually, and that we all could have used as a group. I did, however,already know about and followed some of these tips while on the trip, and they proved quite helpful. If anyone is going on a hiking trip, I highly recommend them to read this article and carefully follow the tips provided because they’re very informative and quite helpful too.

March, Laurie. “Day Hiking Essentials Things to Bring Along on your Adventure”. Outdoor Adventure Canada. Online. 2001-2012. <>

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