Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Backcountry purification systems 101

    Backcountry purification systems 101

By Kathleen Wilker
      Getting sick while out in the wilderness because of a simple mistake is not always fun and can be corrected easily. This article has every you need to know from carrying your water, to purifying it and is a quick easy read.

     This article shows you that there are three ways to purify water, you can boil it, filter it and use bacteria killing tablets. It also tells you how to get the cleanest, safest water by choosing the spot with the less debris.

     To boil your water, you need to have it at a rolling boil for about five minutes. To choose which purification tablets you use, make sure that you use the ones that were checked by the red cross. You can also you the manual pumps which are very light weight, ultra violet light pens that you will need to spend 100$-300$ on, or use a gravity filter that uses gravity to filter the water.

     This article has affected me in a way that i will be more careful on how I clean my water so that I don't get sick. I will not think about which option will clean the water the most and how i can spend the less money but still get a nice clean.

     I learnt that one of the easiest ways and the most harmful way to get sick is by not having clean water. It can even be deadly at times and can lead to serious internal injury. Now i know that i have not always been the safest around dirty water. I wont just drink it because its in a familiar lake, it can still be dirty.

     I know know the dangers of unsafe water. I know how to treat the water and how to be safe. This article was extremely helpful and I will use this knowledge again.

Wilker, Kathleen. "Backcountry purification systems 101". Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. OttawaOutdoors.ca.Online. November 6, 2012. http://ottawaoutdoors.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=314%3Apure-water&catid=35%3Aadventure-articles&Itemid=62

By: Amanda.S

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