Thursday, November 8, 2012

Duct Tape: Don’t hit the trail without it

            Rating: ****

            Ever need to repair something? No need to worry if you have a roll of duct tape. I never actually realized how useful duct tape could be to make your trip a whole lot easier.

            This article explains hundreds of ways you could use duct tape in the wild or on a trip. It goes from the extremes of survival to just playing around with it and having fun. You could use duct tape to repair a broken paddle or patch wholes in tents and tarps. It also explains the many uses of the tape that you would never think of, for example, take a long piece and roll in length wise to create rope. Or if you feel blister coming along, place a small bit over top of to act as a moleskin to temperately prevent the blister.

            This article made me think about all the times duct tape could have helped me during this course for many different reasons. I enjoyed reading this article very much, learning all the uses of this simple piece of tape. If anyone is ever planning to go on a trip, weather on water on land, I recommend him or her to read this article and see how many uses duct tape could have to help him or her throughout the trip.

Macartney, Chantal. Camping articles. “Duct Tape: Don’t hit the trail without it” Accessed November 8, 2012.

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