Thursday, November 8, 2012

article 3

Pure Water

(Backcountry purification systems 101)

Rating: ****

I found this article after returning from the canoe trip, after tasting how bad the boiled water tasted. I didn't get to drink much of the purified water because we didn't have a huge amount of it and not many people wanted to collect the water for it. But I still wanted to find other ways that were still fast and simple to purify water and I stumbled upon this article. 

Of the different ways to clean the water listed in the article, there is only one that I hadn't heard of before and that was the ultra-violet light. I am still not positive that it works, but if I have a chance to get my hands on an ultra-violet light I think I would try it. But if it does work, I would still also bring a small filter to remove any dirt and that sort of stuff from the water.

I think the ways listed on the article would be more efficient in a long term situation, but for something a bit quicker boiling a pot of water and a quick filter might be a bit better. 

Citation: Kathleen Wilker,

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