Sunday, November 25, 2012

Friction Blisters and Their Negative Effects

            I very much enjoyed this article. It was very informative and is a great educational tool for anyone who enjoys being fit.

            This article is about friction blisters and the negative effects they cause. Friction blisters are a serious problem that can lead to even worse scenarios. It is important to stay informed as I do enjoy working outdoors and doing lots of physical activities. The article also talks about cause and prevention of these blisters. Wearing low-friction socks is a great way to reduce the chances of getting a blister and  keep safe from Sepsis and Cellulitus. It even goes as far as stating some statistics about blisters like no given race, age group, or sex is more likely to get blisters than any other.

             This article got me thinking about injury prevention and preparedness of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Not many people take blisters seriously and on our Frontenac trip only one person had the right resources and was willing to help someone with a blister. Many individuals look for quick fixes, but never plan ahead for the long run.

            I very much enjoyed this article and would recommend it as an educational tool. It was not very fun to read, but it was a good article.


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