Thursday, November 22, 2012

Article #4

Catching Frogs By: Scott MacGregor


     This article explains how frog populations worldwide are declining and how a healthy frog population can lead to a healthy environment.

     This article starts off with an author's perspective on how he used to catch frogs as a kid. This quickly transitioned into his explanation of how both frogs and amphibians in general are nearing extinction. Since frogs spend time on both land and in the water, and because they have very sensitive skin, they can easily absorb toxic chemicals and are especially susceptible to environmental disturbances. This is the main reason why biologists around the world believe that the health of our frogs can largely indicate the health of our planet as a whole. The author then puts forth a theory. He believes that the best way to help our amphibian friends is through our youth, and what better way to educate them than from frog hunting itself?

     I enjoyed this article quite a bit as I found it easy to relate to. I think that the sooner we can find a way to help out our amphibian friends, the better off our planet will be. After all, I wouldn't want to see our little buddies croak in my lifetime.

By: Ryan Best
MacGregor, Scott; “Catching Frogs”; Canoeroots; Summer/Fall 2012; Print

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