Saturday, November 3, 2012

Glutton For Punishment

Glutton for Punishment


            I really liked this article.  This was an article about one of Canada's more mysterious animals, the wolverine.  It talks about how a team of researchers has tagged and collared some wolverines, and about what they've learned about them from this.  For instance, they found that wolverines have interesting policies when it comes to boundaries.  A young wolverine may not leave the one that he was born in, and might decide to stay, in his father's territory.  Another interesting fact was that wolverines have very strong pair bonding.  A female who has already mated will not mate with any male other than the one she first mated with.

            I liked this article because it provided good information about an animal that I've always found interesting.  I'm slightly biased, because I love wildlife, but this article could be interesting to anyone else as well.  This article was a bit long, but it uses the space well.  At the same time that you're hearing about wolverines and their habits, you're brought along with a researcher who's trying to track one of the tagged wolverines.  In conclusion, this article is good for light reading, or if you're just interested in wolverines and wildlife.

Wood, Daniel. Glutton for Punishment.  Equinox, May, 1998 Print.

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