Saturday, November 3, 2012

Going high-tech on the Klondike Trail- Allen Macartney

Rating: ***

Technology has really changed the camping industry by making things lighter and more efficient. This is very prominent when you do the same trip that someone has done over 100 years ago.

Allen Macartney has done just that in doing the same trek down the Yukon River that many gold mines took to get to Klondike during the gold rush. He compares the different things that he has brought on his trip to the things that the gold miners would have back them. From heavy tents to boxes of beeswax candles, technology has made long term trips that much easier by giving us lighter and more protective materials for tents and LED flashlights for light. He also points out how freeze-dried food and solar powered water purifiers would have been safer, healthier, and much lighter for those travelers way back then.

This article has really showed me how fortunate we are to have this technology to help us make long excursions easier and more fun. With technology evolving so fast it is not hard to believe that camping will only get easier as time goes by.
Macartney, Allen. "Going High-Tech on the Klondike Trail" Ottawa Outdoors Magazine Summer       2012: 10.

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