Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to avoid “over training syndrome”

By: Ed Mcneely

Rating *****

I was intrigued by this article as soon as I read the title. Recently I've been getting minor injuries myself, up and downs of moods and even a decrease of self-confidence with my basketball ability so I thought this article would be a definite help.

This article starts off by saying that most athletes hammer like hell and by going as hard as they possibly can, can contribute to the opposite of success. After long-periods of high intensity or high volume work without rest can produce over training symptoms such as prolonged fatigue, more injuries and a continued diminishing performance. The problem with this is that most athletes would take there diminished performance in a way that would make them think they aren't training hard enough so they go even harder in practice/workouts. The article then gives readers a graph of Psychological and Physical symptoms of over training which relates very well with how my mind/body feels.

Tips given to prevent over training were to listen to your body, be clear to yourself about the goals you want to complete and grow confidence during your training. This article taught me a lot and was very insightful. I will use some of these methods to prevent over training.

Ed Mcneely, , Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, How to avoid “over training syndrome” Wed.21/2012

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