Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello, Father? Do You Offer Last Rights by Cell Phone?


Rating: ***

This article grabbed my attention because I love skiing. It was about extreme skiing, and the publicity of the sport. The sport of extreme skiing isn't as big a sport as you may think, but it's on its way up. It is regarded as one of the more dangerous sports, because of many famous accidents, including death. It tells an amazing story about a man who lost a ski, and then continued. He lost his other ski, and ended the course by jogging.

This article is well written, and will appeal to anyone who has skied, or appreciates skiing. It made me realize how much of a rookie I am when it comes to skiing, especially compared to these athletes. It provides some interesting information, but the article isn't very long. I would've liked this article a lot more if it had a bit more meat to it, as opposed to just some interesting facts.

Story, Rob. “Hello, Father? Do You Offer Last Rights by Cell Phone?” Outside. (March 1999) print

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