Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To Hydrate This Summer

 By Geordie McConnel 
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            This is a great article that is extremely informative on the causes of dehydration and its negative effects on your body. It also explains key tips and techniques to staying hydrated while including a slight bit of humor.

            This article is a great guide that everybody should read to comprehend being well hydrated. The author goes into detail about the negative effects dehydration can have on your body during sports and outdoor physical activity including performance level decreasing noticeably along with lacking other essential nutrients in your body. The article explains lots of important ways to stay hydrated such as to drink small sips of water every few minutes to keep a regular digestive track, as opposed to taking big gulps that could make you feel uncomfortable during any activities with lots of movement.

            Doing physical activity is fun and healthy but may be miserable if not kept hydrated properly and regularly. This article would interest almost anybody who does any sort of sports or outdoors activities and inform them on what they need to know about this subject.

McConnel, Geordie. , race articles. (no date).

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