Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Journey with the spirits in Northern Quebec - By Bruce Hollands


Rating *****

 This article was simply amazing! The author, Bruce Hollands, did a fantastic job in describing what the intense weather was like and gave Great Whale River very unforgiving conditions. It even felt as I was reading, the rain was slapping me across the face and the cold wind was nipping at my toes! Not only did it give great descriptions about the Great Whale but also informed me of many interesting facts about the Quebec/Hudson Bay area.

 Bruce talked about when he began his journey on August 31, 1991 him and three of his other friends. The group had to canoe through some of the harshest conditions they have ever experienced, consisting of vast waterfalls and swift rivers. (Ex: From Lac Bienville to Hudson Bay it had 100 major sets of rapids and 30 waterfalls) It required his team to move swiftly, dodging whirlpools and sharp rocks. On about day six Bruce and his partner capsized sending them into the hypothermia water. Even their advanced skills couldn’t confront the power of the Great Whale. After retrieving all of their gear and belongings, they changed their direction of travel through different little vantage points on the river. One place had water as dark “as a Moonless night” giving it a creepy affect. It was said that the Monsters of the River took over this part of the river! No kidding. Finally pushing on through their dreadful voyage, they made it to the big Hudson Bay.

 I absolutely recommend this article to every single kid in my class. It really gives you an eye opening experience for being on the water canoeing. The author uses a very broad vocabulary and makes you feel like you’re in the canoe behind him.

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