Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kenosha Pass: The Most Epic Ride You’ve Never Heard Of

Rating: ****

The article I chose was a good read and I picked it because we are doing mountain biking in outdoor ed right now.

This article is all about a trail in Colorado called the Kenosha Pass Trail that is typically written  as an out and back. It is 24 miles of signature Colorado single track and includes roots, rocks, creek crossings, stunning scenery, a long, death march climb going in, some fast, twisty downhills and a steep, soul crushing climb on the way back out. The article explains how you should be ready for any weather, for example rain, hail or snow, depending on the time of year. Topics covered in the article include navigation, how to get there, what to bring with you and precautions.

Overall it was an awesome article to read and I recommend it to anyone in our outdoor ed class. I also think that you would like it Mr. Brower! Definitely going to Kenosha Pass Trail is something some people would want to put on their bucket list.

”Kenosha Pass: The Most Epic Ride You’ve Never Heard Of” posted on September 23, 2011

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