Tuesday, November 6, 2012

They Call It Adventure Racing For A Reason
Rating: *****
            This article tells about the epic adventure that a group of office workers embark on in an attempt to find excitement. The story of their trek is filled with excitement and surprises that are sure to draw a reader in.
            At age 43, Marty Pemberton and his friends set off into the wilderness to take part in an adventure race. The men are new to the sport and are eager for a taste of the new experience. Their journey starts off without trouble, but as the men get deeper into the woods, they get deeper into trouble. The men spend nearly 24 hours wading through dirty bogs and unforgiving landscape before they are picked up at a rail line and brought back to civilization.
            As soon as I started to read this article, I was interested to learn how the adventure would turn out for the self proclaimed “desk jockeys”. It amazed me that the men paid 300$ to participate in the event and voluntarily waded through bug infested swamps in the middle of the cold night. The adventure certainly proved to be a break from ordinary life, and it reminded me of camping in Algonquin Park. I think it would be fun to try an adventure race some day, but one thing I have learned from this article is that one must be prepared.
            This article will interest anyone who likes orienteering, adventure racing or other competition. I recommend it to anyone who likes an adventure and excitement.
Pemberton, Marty. "They Call It Adventure Racing For A Reason." Ottawa Outdoors June 2012: n. pag. Web.

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