Monday, December 31, 2012

Geocaching 101

Geocaching 101: Hunt for more than Easter eggs; All you need is a pencil, a trinket and a GPS receiver : by Dave Brown


Almost anyone that you would ask would probably say that their favourite part about Easter is the search for the easter eggs, an the excitement that follows when you find one. Unfortunately, Easter only comes around once a year, but that does not mean that the search has to end. In this terrific article by Dave Brown, the reader is introduced to a world-wide scavenger hunt known as Geocaching.

In this articel, Dave explains what Geocaching is, aswell as providing all the necessary information needed in order to begin this international hunt. To begin with, Dave explains that geocaching is lilke a scavenger in that you are given clues to find a treasure box. He mentions that this is an activity that requires a handheld GPS, or an iphone with the proper app, as you are given the coordinats to the cache to enter in the GPS. Dave then goes on to explain that you should bring a pen or pencil ( to leave your name and when you came), as well a little trinket. The geocaches are often little waterproof containers and how it works is that you would choose a little trinket to bring back with you, and in it's place you would leave one of your own. To find coordinates in your region, you can use either the iPhone app, or you can visit the web site ( Listed will be the difficulty level and comments and photos from people who have already found the cache. Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity to participate in with big groups, a few friends, and can be a fun family affaire.

I found that this was a great article because I love geocaching with my family and it is such an amazing feeling when you discover one. I have even found geocaches while vacationing in florida. I think that this is an activity that everyone should try because you never know what little trinkets you will find since it is an international activity, and it can be fun to do with your family and/or friends.

I would recommend this article because I find that geocaching can create great memories together and it should be experienced by everyone. I believe that anyone who would have read this article would find it very informational and eager to get started.

Brown.Dave. "Geocaching 101: Hunt for more than Easter eggs; All you need is a pencil, a trinket and a GPS receiver". Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Dec 31, 2012.

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