Monday, December 31, 2012

Ski Safety Is No Accident

Ski Safety Is No Accident by Marc Plante

Rating: ****
Alpine skiing is a sport that many canadians participate in, and with the snow finally here, it is time to hit the slopes. Unfortunately, with the skiing season comes a variety of accidents that could have been avoided. This article by Marc Plante reviewes some safety precautions that one should take to ensure the best skiing experience.

  Ski safety is no accident goes over some rules that every skiier should take to keep everyone safe while alpine skiing. At the beginning of the article, Marc explains that with the new high speed chairlifts and low priced season passes are bringing more people to the hills, but with more people, comes more possible accidents. He procedes to say that when you are skiing or snowboarding you should act like you are driving. By this he means that when you don't merge into oncoming traffic without looking or ignore reoad signs when you dirve, so why should you do this on skiis? Some of the ips Marc provides are to ensure that  you stay in shape before the skiing season begins, make sure that your equipment is properly maintained so that it is at it's safest, and to make sure you dress appropriately and check the  weather forcast ahead of time. Finally he goes over a list of tips including knowing your ski level and when you should stop and what you should do if you witness an accident. In this article, Marc Plante gives all the information needed to stay safe on the slopes.

  I found this article very useful because I love skiing, I find it can be alot of fun and great exercise, but it is also important to remain safe while skiing. Before reading the article, I did not know that just before lunch and after 2:00 pm, are when skiers and snowboarders are at their tierdest or what I should do if I witness an accident. The tips that Mark provides will not only help me stay safe while skiing, but the safety precautions that I would take would also help my fellow skiers stay safe as well.

  I would  recommend this article to every alpine skier before heading down the hills. I found it exceptionally helpful since Marc not only listed the safety tips, but also elaborated on their importance and how to procede. Ski safety is no accident is a great article for every alpine skier.

Plante.Marc. "Ski Safety Is No Accident". Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Online. Dec 31, 2012.

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