Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Get the Bugs to Bug Off

How to Get the Bugs to Bug Off- By Frances Manlucu

Aidan Thirsk

Rating **- Not too Good

How to Get Bugs to Bug Off is a very short article that has some good information on a very common and obnoxious problem presented in many people’s lives. The article has some helpful facts, but if you are truly interested in avoiding annoying insects I would suggest looking up better articles online.
Dealing with bugs, particularly mosquitoes, is a very common situation and this article tells you how to deal with it. Some of the main points are some simple tips and misconceptions to keep mosquitoes away, such as how perfume and dark colored clothing actually attracts the female mosquitoes (males don’t bite). The article also goes on to talk about other bloodsuckers, like black flies, and the stinging insects. The stinging insects, wasps and bees, don’t suck any blood so there is no need to worry about diseases, but the sting is very painful and will swell. To take care of the sting, it is suggested to scrape the stinger away and use ice for the swelling.
I appreciated the article because coming from a very mosquito rich area I have a huge hatred for getting bitten and even dealing with them. To be honest though, I didn’t think the article was very good. It was very well written and had decent content, but there really just wasn’t enough information for it to be really worthwhile to read. Even in the information given, it was more facts about the insects instead of how to get them to “bug off” like the title indicates. I did however find some of the tips to avoid mosquitoes helpful and interesting. I would have never thought that the color of clothing you are wearing could possibly attract mosquitoes. Even though this article didn’t give me a lot of beneficial information, it has spurred my interesting in researching valuable information about avoiding these pesky bloodsuckers.
It isn’t a bad article to read and it is very short, so I would recommend this to anyone. My recommendation is solely based on the fact that it isn’t very inconvenient to read and not because it that informative. It is however a topic I would recommend!

Manjucu, Frances. "How to Get Bugs to Bug Off." Ottawa Outdoors Summer 2012: 30. Print.

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