Monday, December 3, 2012

Noah Johnson article

After Whiteface, Just 45 More Adirondack Peaks-Dave Brown
Rating: ****
This article really captured my attention and made me want to climb the Adirondack peaks. It is a must read for any outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking and climbing.  
This article illustrates the 46- peak trek that some extreme outdoor enthusiasts embark on. Those who take part in the epic adventure can call themselves part of the 46er club. To become a member means you have climbed all the 46 peaks in the mountain chain higher than 1200 metres. The journey begins at Whiteface Peak, located 1.483 meters above sea level and takes as long as you do to finish every peak. When you finish the 18.67 km hike, the bragging rights are all yours. You will have become someone they call a 46er.
I enjoyed this story because hiking up mountains and exploring the outdoors makes me imagine how much fun a journey like that can be. It made me think how when you are outside, the possibility for adventure is endless. It also got me interested in learning more about what trails there are near me. I would like to become a 46er before I die.
I recommend anyone who wants to become a 46er, or anyone who likes hiking to read this book. I believe they will get the same enjoyment from it that I did.

Brown, Dave. "After Whiteface, Just 45 More Adirondack Peaks." Ottawa Outdoors 2012: n. pag. Web.

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