Sunday, December 2, 2012

Article #3

Alpine Double Drop Tips
By: Chris Lennon
Rating: ****

            Are you an avid skier?? If so, this article teaches you the technique on how to survive/land a double drop.

            First off I want to tell you what a double drop is. A single drop is where you come to a cliff and you have the choice of going off the cliff or hiking back up the hill. A double drop is what you think it is, one drop and then another. You are most likely to encounter on of these drops when you are skiing in high mountains (ex: Alpes, Rocky Mountains). The passage teaches tips on how to stick your landing so you don’t roll down the hill. Some of the techniques where to ski into and off the edge. If you don’t do this, your landing will hurt a lot more. Always focus on the last landing (if a double drop) not the one you are about to make.

            This article affected me in a way that would make me change my way I look at a drop or jump while skiing. One small mistake like not knowing where you are landing or not even focusing on what you are doing could make a nasty fall. From now on I will always pay attention and know what I am doing.

            If you want to know more about double drops and hot to land it visit the link below.

Lennon, Chris. “Alpine Double Drop Tips”. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. December 1, 2012.   

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