Sunday, January 20, 2013

“An Encounter With Wildlife in New Mexico” written by: Dave D’abate

“An Encounter With Wildlife in New Mexico” written by: Dave D’abate

               Reading articles that are always based close to home, are interesting, but it is always nice to get insight on what’s happening in the outdoors, globally. This article is a personal story, and experiences with three animals specifically, deer, mountain lions, and black bears.
               This article covers experiences with them during the day, and at night. Dave explains how to distinguish them at night (based on the colour of their eyes, reflecting off the light), and how to remain safe and cautious. He explains in the detail how he enjoyed his experiences and learned from them. Dave uses multiple anecdotes, and short stories to further prove his methods of admiring these animals, whilst remaining safe and secure. All in all, a quick read, and an informative article.
               I would recommend this to anyone with a remote fascination about wildlife, and appreciation for animals, and humans living in the same area peacefully. He talks about what he has learned, and applies them to real life experiences, making this article quite useful. I enjoyed his in depth insight on the matter, as it was interesting, and accurate. He wasliving proof of his methods of admiring wildlife whilst remaining safe and secure the entire time. I would give this article 4 stars, for any age group.
Rating: ****

Bibliography: “An Encounter with Wildlife in New Mexico”, Dave D’ebate, December 2009, 4AllOutdoors, URL:

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