Sunday, January 20, 2013

“Ancient Lakes In the Spring” by: David Wilkes

“Ancient Lakes In the Spring” by: David Wilkes

               If you like articles about personal experiences, and short stories, I highly recommend this article. It is a personal story written by David Wilkes explaining his first hike of the year in and around Dust Lake. He talks about the highs and lows of his experience and everything that followed. It is an insightful read, which many readers can relate too.
               David went on a hiking trip at the edge of the Columbia River, in central Washington as an excuse to get outdoors. By him testing products regularly for various companies, he used it as a prime time to get out there and experience the desert. The article depicts the “misadventures of Dave” as an intro to a three part segment of his life. He talks about poor decisions made (like befriending wild partiers the adjacent campsite over, and paying for it the next morning by being dehydrated and ill.. bad choice.)  and the highs, like his prior knowledge of the dangers of rattle snakes and the other dangerous creatures inhabiting the area. The article was comical and light and also gave insightful information.
               I enjoyed reading this, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone! I believe that you don’t have to have an appreciation for the outdoors to enjoy this, because the story alone can attract many. He wrote this article as a comedic method of looking back on his mistakes, and it is not only entertaining but also gives many lesson to take away from it. I give this article four stars.
Rating: ****

Bibliography: “Ancient Lakes in the Spring”, David Wilkes, June, 2011, 4AllOutdoors, URL:

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