Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Article #1 -Matt Mackay

Stand up and paddle-Tara Hamilton
By:Matt Mackay

Paddle boarding always seemed like a pointless sport in my opinion but after reading this article I can see that it is a true sport in every sense of the word with aspects from riding rapids to simply paddling along a nice calm lake paddle boards can be used in any water conditions.

The article depicts the sport of paddle boarding and how here in Canada without the abundance of large waves surfing is not ideal so paddle boarding was the next best thing. Paddleboarding originated from surfers who still wanted to train on days with small waves. The article explains how great a workout paddle boarding. It isn't just paddling along a lake it is taken to the extreme with whitewater paddlers and racing. The sport has no boundaries when it comes to water conditions or who can do it.

I found myself very interested by this article as I never saw paddle boarding as a real sport. My opinion has definitely changed I never knew that paddle boarding was taken to such extremes with whitewater paddlers standing on a board, the balance is just incredible. I have learned that paddle boarding doesn't have to be so relaxing it can be an amazing work out working every part of the body to keep balanced and paddle through sometimes rougher water.

After reading this article I am definitely compelled me to try paddle boarding and see for myself how much fun it can be.

Citation: Hamilton,Tara.”Stand up and paddle”.Ottawa outdoors. Print. Fall 2012.January 22 2012.

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