Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Article #3 Liam Meek

 The Wenonah Recon
By Scott Macgregor
Rating *****
This article talks about a white water canoe from the early 90s and how it still holds up today.
The article starts by saying how the canoe got the name Recon. Firstly it is a great white water name, and secondly, it stands for reconnect, as it was an excellent boat to control and offered an easy time getting back into the step of things. The recon is known for how well it can handle in the rapids, and its excellent control in ferries. The article explains how the boat has less wobble than smaller boats but can still get up to speed quickly and keep its speed in the turns. It finishes off by saying how popular the boat was, especially because of how easy it was to adjust the boat to work with you.

I can relate to this article because I know that certain canoes, white water or not do have varying characteristics that make them different. I have found that I prefer the longer white water canoes. Boats like the Recon are easier to control in rapids and are much simpler to get into and learn the proper steps to having an enjoyable time. Also I can relate to how easy to ferry the Recon is and how this differs from other boats. The very first white water canoe I used was far from good with ferrying as it took too long to get it going, but as well it was heavy so it had trouble holding a good ferry angle. The second boat was much better because the V of the boat held a good ferry angle, much like the recon. Overall, I think that this article does an excellent job in talking about what makes a good boat and how it can differ from others.
Macgregor, Scott. Page 24. Summer 2012. Rapid the white water magazine. Print. Accessed Jan. 21 2013.

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