Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Re-engineering mosquitoes to fight disease

This ted talk was very fascinating and informative. The speaker, Hadyn Parry, points out an interesting fact. With all of our modern day technology, why haven't we found a way to get rid of the most dangerous animal in the world, the mosquito. The mosquito is the cause of more deaths than any other animal in the world, and this is due to the multiple diseases it can carry. One disease in particular, denge fever, is becoming much more widespread because of mosquitoes. The reason that mosquitoes are such a problem isn't because they fly miles to spread disease, their eggs hitchhike on boots and wheels to invade other places. So scientists have come up with a solution that seems to be working. To get rid of this invasive species, they are re-engineering male mosquitoes so that they carry a gene that keeps the offspring from surviving. It's really interesting the way that he explains it, and it's also interesting to know that this could be the idea that saves millions of lives, and puts a stop to mosquitoes. I highly recommend this video, I enjoyed watching it, and I think that many other people would also enjoy it.

Rating: *****

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