Sunday, January 20, 2013

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Rating: ****
By: Haley Lorenz

What did you have planned for the end of the world? Was it doing a five-week tour through places you have never been before? Hold on, this five-week tour is also on a bike, would you consider that for the end of your life?

21 riders from North America, Europe and South Africa, San Jose, Cost Rica got together to begin their five-week tour on bikes. Their journey brings them to Costa Rica through Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and finish at the Mayan Lamani Temple in Belize.This Doomsday ride was created by Tour d’Afrique cycling company. La Ruta Aya - The Doomsday Ride was a mark of the end of the Mayan calendar and the end of the world on December 21, 2012. All these riders thought they should a least have the opportunity to ride into their afterlife.This ride gave a bit of heritage and fresh air as the wind snuck through their helmets. 

The 21 riders visited the Mayans most celebrated temples along their tour. They feared thats the Mayans were right after all about the world coming to an end because the first day there was high winds, piercing rain and bitter cold, and half the riders didn’t even finish the stage. These riders faced many difficult stages through their tour with some off road biking. They came across deadly potholes, gravel roads, lose rocks and never ending succession of uphills, and not all the riders were on mountain bikes. These are challenges these riders were willing to take to see the most lush landscapes and palm trees. They were happy not matter the weather or terrain because they got to see a region still relatively undiscovered and unspoiled. 

This five-week tour was an amazing experience for the riders for the end of their life because they got to see magnificent agriculture and temples and they experienced something not everyone gets to in their life. I wish I could do something like this but it takes hardcore dedication and training many months before. Anyone who wants a challenge further in their life read this article because they give you pictures of what its like and more information on Tour d’Afrique.

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