Sunday, January 20, 2013

TED Talk

Matthew Child’ 9 Lessons from Rock Climbing


Matthew Child has created 9 basic climbing rules that will get you from point A to point B. Matthew Child has been rock climbing for over 35 years now and he uses his nine rules so he doesn’t die!

Rule #1 Don’t Let Go
He explains how many people will think of letting go, they want to let go and give up but your body and keep going. Your body is so much stronger than your mind so people have to push through that thought and don’t let go.

Rule #2 Hesitation is Bad
On certain climbs where there is no hard edges to grab onto you have to use the only thing thats left which is the dimples in the rock. You can’t stop to think for a second because you will fall! In these kind of climbs momentum is key so you don’t fall.

Rule #3 Have a Plan
When people rock climb they plan so hard of how to get through the hardest part that after the last pitch they are so tired of planning they fall. Don’t over think your plan just go with the flow of things.

Rule #4 The Move is the End
He explains how no move is done until your at the top of your climb over the edge where your finished. Focus is the key and you have to keep thinking that.

Rule #5 Know How to Rest
Some of the best rock climbers in the most extreme conditions can place their bodies while climbing so they can re group, calm themeless, and rest their bodies. Learning this is beneficial in a successful climb.

Rule #6 Fear Sucks
Many people have fear take them over. They aren’t focusing on what their actually doing, their focusing on failing at what their doing. This can make you fall.

Rule #7 Opposite are Good
On certain climbs you have use opposites. When there are no real edges to grab onto you have to use your finger tips in cracks and use opposing pressure to force yourself up.

Rule #8 Strength Doesn’t Always = Success
Guys will always try to do pull ups to get them up. How many can they actually do fifteen? After that they will be too tired to climb the rest of the way. Women are more imbalanced they think about how they will get their weight over their feet, balance and keep the weight on their feet because that your strongest muscle. 

Rule #9 Know How to Let Go
Many people don’t know this. Once you get to the point you feel like your going to fall or slip you need to know how to let go. By knowing how to let go you can grab onto the rope if you have one or you will know a safer place to fall so you won't injure yourself badly.

These are Mathew Cild’s very helpful and insightful tips on how to keep yourself safer than you were before rock climbing. All his rules lead to not falling and injuring yourself badly. Take a note of this if your a rock climber because these will come in handy.

Child, Matthew. “9 Life Lessons From Rock CLimbing”. TED Talks. Feb 2009.

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