Monday, January 21, 2013

Choosing a good sleeping bag

The article I read was very interesting and had a lot of information to offer when deciding to choose a new sleeping bag.

The article is about different aspects to consider when purchasing a sleeping bag for hiking or camping trips. You need to take into account weight for carrying the bag in, insulation for keeping yourself warm enough during the night (often given a temperature rating), the overall comfort of the bag and whether or not you would even have a restful sleep, and the price of the bag. The main problem is finding the right balance in all four aspects. Often bags are very insulating and comfortable, but weigh a lot and are not easily stored, other have great storage and insulation, but can be very pricy.

This article really makes you think about long term investing and choosing a quality bag for a lifetime of usage. Many people think more about price than anything and if you’re going to use it more than a few times you should be willing to spend more. I am personally going to use my bag often and for years after high-school and have bought a durable bag that provides both comfort and insulation. It is a little bulky but is manageable.

I would only recommend this article is someone is really willing to put some effort into searching for a quality bag.

Tischler, Steve. "Sleeping Bags for Backpacking: How to Choose." REI – Top-Brand Outdoor Clothing, Footwear & Gear for Winter Adventures. N.p., 7 Dec. 2012. Web. 7 Jan. 2013.

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