Monday, January 21, 2013

Rock climbing and life lessons

The Ted Talk I watched was a man named Matthew Child who teaches you 9 rock climbing tips relatable to life.

During the presentation Matthew brings up many interesting points about rock climbing and you begin to realize that each has a stronger meaning. The 9 tips are; don’t let go, Hesitation is bad, have a plan, the move is the end, know how to rest, fear sucks, opposites are good, strength doesn’t always mean success, and know how to let go. He doesn’t always directly relate these rules to climbing at first and his subtlety gets you thinking. In relation to his stories, life is the mountain or wall you are climbing. Letting go results in falling or failure, hesitation may cause you to miss an opportunity, planning ahead can be safer and easier, the move is the end means to treat everything you do as if it’s your last, know when to rest tells you to take a break when life get stressful or too busy, fear sucks teaches you to push your limits and to not hold back, opposites create balance which is necessary in our lives, strength isn’t the only aspect of life, and knowing when enough is enough can save you from hurt and disappointment.

I enjoyed the presentation as he had a lot of wisdom to offer not only about life, but rock climbing. Being an enjoyer of outdoor activities I appreciate the tips for rock climbing and intend to use them in the future. I would highly recommend this presentation to anyone as it is highly informative and very straight forward.

Childs, M. (2009, April). Matthew Childs' 9 life lessons from rock climbing | Video on TED: Ideas worth spreading. Retrieved from

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