Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How We Wrecked the ocean – Jeremy Jackson

TED Talk

Matt Carter
Rating: ***

There is so much wrong with the oceans because of the selfish actions of mankind and there is little we can do to fix it.

This TED talk focuses on the negative effects that human kind has had on the ocean over the past one hundred to one hundred and fifty years.  Former oceanic photographer, Jeremy Jackson gives his opinion on the current state of the ocean.  He explains that over fishing, pollution, and climate change are key factors in the death of our oceans.  In the 1950’s people would catch fish that were over three feet long and weighed nearly two hundred pounds, and because of our negative impact, fish that large are rarely seen anymore.  Many coral reefs all across the planet because the climate is changing and the no longer possess the correct tools to produce food for themselves in the changing water temperature.

I knew the state of the oceans was poor, however, I did not realise that it was to such an extent.  With fish disappearing, coral dying, and temperatures changing, it is safe to say that the once beautiful oceans are now falling in to disaster.  Jackson believes that fish will not inhabit the ocean in the next twenty to fifty years.  It is a truly sad thing to think about.

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