Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Killarney Adventure Race – Outdoor Adventure Guide

Matt Carter
Rating: ***

Adventure races are high pace, competitions that span long distances and difficult terrains. 

The Killarney is a 57 kilometer adventure race in Ireland.  This article describes the experience of team OAG as they attempt this challenge.  They break down the race in to five stages.  Stage one covers the 7.5km Strickeen Mountain run, where they spread out the team across one hundred metres on the path up, reach an electronic checkpoint on the summit then nearly run down the mountain to the next section.  Stage two is the cycling section of the race where the terrain had two major climbs.  Stage three is the 500m kayak across Muckross Lake. Stage four is an 8.5km run across Torc Mountain.  Finally, stage five is a 4km bike ride to the finish.

After reading the article, I now have a better sense of how adventure races work and how difficult they can be.  That said, it seems like a challenge that I’d like to attempt someday.  It would be an excellent fitness challenge.  I look forward to the day that I can attempt such a challenge.

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