Monday, January 28, 2013

Matthew Childs’ 9 Life Lessons from Rock Climbing

Matthew Childs’ 9 Life Lessons from Rock Climbing
By: Matthew Childs

Rating: ****

This TED talk is simple and right to the point, as it gives nine life lessons about rock climbing from his experiences.

Matthew focuses on tricks and tips on how to complete some very difficult climbs. He also repeats himself many times with the words of “have a positive outlook”. The first lesson is to never let go. Always hang on because you will eventually find a place to move forward. The second one is that you should never hesitate, as momentum while climbing is very helpful. The third one is that you should always plan ahead. You don’t want to climb and be in a place where you can no longer move forward. The fourth lesson is that move is the end. This means that for every move you need a plan. The fifth on is know how to rest. This is good to know because if you need a break you need to know where and how to rest. The sixth lesson is fear sucks, meaning that you are not focusing on what you’re doing. Your mind is on how you are failing on what you are doing. The seventh one is opposites are good, meaning that you oppose pressure as you make your way to the top. The eighth rule is strength does equal success. Balance is key while keeping your weight on your feet. The last lesson is knowing how to let go. This means when you are at the last point and you’re out of strength and can’t go any further you need to know how and where and when to let go. Always plan on how you are going to get to the bottom.

I really enjoyed this TED talk because you can take the nine rules that Matthew talked about and apply them to your everyday life. Next time I go rock climbing I will definitely apply these nine rules/lessons.

Childs, Matthew. “Matthew Childs’ 9 life lessons from rock climbing” , video on TED. Web. April 2009. 28 January 2013.

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