Monday, January 28, 2013

Sometimes, Outdoor Sports Go To The Dogs

Sometimes, Outdoor Sports Go To The Dogs
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This article talks about "Skijoring", which means getting pulled by your dog while skiing.

Skijoring is an activity that originated a long time ago in Scandinavia. It was used to easily reach their destination. It now is now a fun activity where your dog is the one that does the exercise. The annual Ottawa Fun Race is held in Limoges where they hold skijoring races on a five kilometre course. Ottawa is considered a canadian hotbed for this sport.

This article sounds quite interesting and it would be something I would like to try. However, it made me think about a tiny dog pulling an adult, as hard as it little legs will let him. It made me think about how it's probably fun to get pulled but not as fun for the one pulling. It almost seems like cross country skiing for the extremely lazy. Therefore skijoring could be a perfect activity for me.

Originally Published To Dave Brown's Column. Edited by Roger Bird. Accessed Jan 25th/2012.

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