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Ski safety is no accident- Marc Plante

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This article is about staying safe on the hills whilst downhill skiing. Plante informs you to check you equipment before heading out on the hills, be safe and in control when skiing and to be prepared for the weather.

The article starts by giving five aspects that you need to be aware of this season, the first being that you need to be aware of other people whilst being on the hill, the second is that you must stay in control, thirdly is you need to maintain your equipment, fourth is that you should ski or ride within your ability and lastly you should warm up and stretch before skiing. Plante then extends on these points by suggesting tuning up your equipment before going out for the first time in the season to check that everything is in order. Then he refers to skiing being like driving a vehicle. You cannot go off and not be cautious and bomb down the hills, you need to be aware of those around you. Also, the article refers to staying on the hills that apply to your ability, green being the easiest, blue being intermediate and the black diamond being for experts.

My favourite sport in general and during the winter season is downhill skiing. When I read this article I found it interesting, however I already had been informed although, this article is definitely worth looking at for those who are new to the sport or need to be reminded of the precautions and aspects to take into consideration on the hills. Now that I have read this article, I will be sure to apply what is said to my time on the hills.

By: Ellen Kinsey

Plante, Marc. "Ski Safety Is No Accident." Ski Safety Is No Accident. , 2012. Web. 21 Jan. 2013.


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