Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Survival Gear for the Snowshoer: Article #3

Winter Survival Gear for the Snowshoer: Article #3


Outdoor: Winter Survival Gear for the Snowshoer Dave Brown

Rating ***

This article is a list of things you should pack in order to survive overnight in the winter. It is much like your average survival kit guide.

This article is about both a group of friends that got stranded in Gatineau overnight whilst snowshoeing and about the precautions they made and should have made. This article is extremely constructive as it entails beneficial advice for a trip snowshoeing. It claims that you should always pack as if you were going to stay the night in the woods, in case of a situation where you will have to survive overnight. The group of friends whom were not prepared for the trip, did do something right Brown claims. They told others when they will be arriving back, therefore the people they told knew something was wrong and were able to take action. Dave Brown also lists a survival kit in which you should bring snowshoeing as a safety precaution. The items in the list being, clothing, water, knife, map and compass, light, items in which you will need to create a fire and other little safety items such as an aluminum blanket and a whistle for signaling.

Personally, I do not go snowshoeing very often; however what I have learned from this article doesn’t generally have to apply to snowshoeing. Whenever you go for a hike or going cross-country skiing on trails, risk management such as to pack a survival kit is mandatory. Packing light and useful things are important as anything can happen even no matter the circumstances.

By: Ellen Kinsey

Brown, Dave, and Ottawa Citizen. "Outdoors: Winter survival gear for the snowshoer." Ottawa Citizen, 3 Jan. 2013. Web. 21 Jan. 2013.


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