Thursday, January 24, 2013

Surviving a Lightning Storm-No author listed

Matt Carter
Rating: **

Lightning storms are very dangerous situations to be in and it is good to know how to survive in one.

This article gives helpful tips on keeping yourself alive and safe in a lightning storm.  The article begins with the statistics of how many people have been killed or wounded by lightning in the United States.  It then breaks down into sections.  The first being about avoiding the storm in the first place.  The next is about what to do if you can’t avoid a storm.  They suggest finding a lower are and staying away from trees and open fields.  Long metal objects should not stick out of your pack because that risks attracting lightning to yourself.

After reading the article I realize that I already knew the majority of the tips that were given by the author.  Although the tips are very helpful to a person who did not already know and I would fully recommend it to any such person.

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