Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013 - Article Assignment #3

Ski Safety Is No Accident - Marc Plante
Rating ****

This year is going to be an epic year for alpine skiing as we have already surpasses last year's total snowfall.  So to ensure that this year does not get ruined by an injury on the ski hill, you should definitely read Marc Plante's article about alpine skiing safety.

Marc Plante's article helps you to understand five key points about alpine ski safety.  His first point is to be aware of other people on the hill.  He states that it is crucial that you know where you and going and where other are going to be so that you do not collide with other skiers.  Next, he emphasis how important for you to be in control.  Marc compares this to driving a car because when driving you do not speed and you do not merge into oncoming traffic and the same rules apply to alpine skiing.  His third point is to maintain your equipment.  This means sharpening your skiis regularly and taking them in for a tune up to have them adjusted to your weight and to make sure your boots and bindings fit properly.  Fourthly, he recommends that you ski within your ability.  He says that you should increase the difficulty of your skiing slowly and never push yourself because this is when most accidents happen.  Lastly, he emphasizes that you have to take care of yourself and stretch before hitting the slopes and be sure your are physically fit.  If you follow these five steps, you are less likely to have an accident and will enjoy alpine skiing this winter.

I enjoyed this article because it provided imagery and examples that most people can relate to like comparing skiing to driving.  I also liked this article because Marc Plante focussed on risk managment which I think is very important for high-risk sports like alpine skiing.  Finally, the advice he gives in his article is a good reminder of all the things that I had forgotten from last year and has prepared me for more alpine skiing this year.

I recommend you read this article before you begin alpine skiing this season because it provides more than enough useful information that you can use to improve your alpine skiing safety.

Plante, Marc. "Ski Safety Is No Accident".  Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Online. Winter 2012.

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