Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scary Moment Lost in the Woods

Scary Moment Lost in the Woods

Rating **                                                                                                                  By; Tyler Franklin

This story is about a hunter who was scouting for camp locations and ends up getting lost. He is tries to fallow his trail that he made back to his camp but the weeds had sprung back into their position.  He ends up staying the night near a stream he crossed over previously. In the end he climbs a tree and finds that the stream bends and he crossed the wrong spot. He makes it back to his friends and is ok.

I learned that being prepared is the key to survival. Because of his previous experience in the Eagle Scouts, and his survival kit with duct tape, cord, and matches that he kept in Ziploc bags, he was able to survive comfortably in the woods for the night. Also, that how simply trying to fallow your own path could end badly if you go off the path by a little bit. Finally, he didn’t panic which could have been the reason that he made it back to his friends.    

Scary Moment Lost in the Woods, Jerry Carter, March 30 2011,, web

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