Sunday, January 27, 2013

Treestands Have Come a Long Way

Treestands Have Come a Long Way
Rating: *
I can’t treestand this article
                “Treestands Have Come a Long Way” is an article on the history of treestands. In case you don’t know what a treestand is… neither do I. Before reading this article I assumed it was going to be about those festive three legged abominations that hold up your Christmas tree, instead I was not so pleasantly surprised to realise it’s about these things that you stand on while hunting to apparently hunt better and they have a strap… yeah. After looking up what a treestand is I can clearly say I still have no idea why you’d need one and the article doesn’t sell me on ever wanting to use one. For visual reference it looks like a portable treefort.
                This article is very boring. The writing style is very formal and lacks any sense of personality; I would more likely call this an essay than an article. It’s even more boring when you realise that you don’t give a damn about how hunters in the prehistoric 1970’s used to have to stand on trees before the amazing invention of treestands. Woopty doo.
                As a positive I can say this is a very informative article, you’ll learn a lot of useless information on treestands. Maybe you’re into that. And if you can’t sleep and need a hard, long lasting sedative to get through the night give “Treestands Have Come a Long way” a quick read.
                I do not recommend this article to anyone, not even treestand enthusiasts. Maybe if you need a history lesson on treestands; but wouldn’t you rather read something a little less boring? In the end this articles lack of personality and overall subject matter make this an article to stay away from. Don’t read it.

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