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Who Needs a Tent for Winter Camping? : Article #2

Who Needs a Tent for Winter Camping? : Article #2


Who Needs a Tent for Winter Camping - Allen Macartney

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This constructive article was very interesting as it was very helpful. It not only teaches how to build a quinzhee but also the precautions that must be made when building it.

In this article Allen Macartney gives a guide on how to build a quinzhee, the benefits to sleeping in the snow on the contrary to a tent and precautions that must be considered by building it. The first heading of the article is; what’s a quinzhee? In this part he explains what it is, a hollowed out pile of snow. He also mentions how easy it is to build a quinzhee and how it can take several hours. The next heading of the article is, dig a hole and fill it in. This is the next step for building a quinzhee. Once you have made the mound of snow you dig inside of it making sure that the thickness of the quinzhee is 30cm. Also, that you have two breathing holes each end of the quinzhee and a small tunnel leading into the sleeping area so that there is less of a draft. The third heading is; snug in any temperature. Macartney is explaining the benefits to building a quinzhee as it blocks out both noise and cold. He also encourages that you place tarp or plastic underneath your mat and sleeping bag for extra comfort and warmth. Another encouragement is that you do not drink any liquids three hours prior as getting out of your warm quinzhee and into the snow would not be the best option. An interesting aspect also in this paragraph is that candles make a big difference as it may be -28 C outside, but with a wax candle it would be no colder than -3 C Customized Domiciles is the last heading, stating that before you attempt to have a winter camping weekend, try building a quinzhee in your yard so that you are assured that you have made it correctly and safely.

Personally, I found this article extremely beneficial as soon we are going winter camping and will be sleeping in quinzhees. I have taken into account the process of building a quinzhee, the suggestions and precautions. I now know that I should consider bringing a candle as it seems to create a lot of warmth and also that the walls need to be 30cm thick. This step by step guide has taught me how to prevent any accidents and to stay warm. 

By: Ellen Kinsey

Macartney, Allen. Who Needs a Tent for Winter Camping. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, 2012, Web

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