Sunday, March 24, 2013

Article Assignment #1: Class Action Dry Suit

Class Action Dry Suit- Neil Schulman
Rating: 4/5

Class Action Dry Suit explains that paddlers can buy a whole bunch of gear, but it is the base knowledge from lessons and practice that really makes the difference.

The article explains very well, that a paddler can buy loads of expensive and high tech gear, but some simple lessons and courses can make just as much as a difference. By some people not knowing what to do and making mistakes, it forces clubs and paddling places to enforce more rules to compensate for the lack of knowledge and experience. There is a lot that we can learn from this article and that is proper techniques and knowledge can make just as much as a difference as expensive gear. "But it's you, not the paddle, doing the stroke".

This article made me think about my style towards outdoor adventure  I find that I take a minimalist approach, by not getting the top quality gear or lessons and just figuring things out myself which has worked well so far, because the top quality gear is usually very expensive. That is also why I am taking outdoor ed. I sort of know how to do many different things, I just want to know how to do them the efficient, right and safe way. Maybe i should start taking more lessons and doing research on how to properly do things, so I don't end up in a difficult situation. 

Overall, this is a very useful article and I think that many people should read it to get a proper perspective on training and knowledge vs. gear.

Schulman, Neil. "Class Action Dry Suit." Paddling Buyers Guide. 2013: p. 30. Print.

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  1. As instructors in Maine that teach river safety, rescue and boating skills, this article speaks volumes about what we have noticed is the trend in our business regarding outdoor instruction. So many people think that having great gear will get them out of any bad situation. But, they forget that having the necessary skills is so much more important. I hope more people read this article and consider the importance of education first, gear last.