Saturday, March 23, 2013

Banish the Blisters

I would give this article 4 stars. It is very informative, and has very useful tips for hiking trips.

Although it may seem like such a small thing, blisters can make or break how you remember a hike. This article begins by explaining what the author calls the "Blister Triangle" he says it's not quite Bermuda and not nearly as mysterious, but there are three parts to the formation of blisters. These three things, heat, moisture, and friction are the main causes for blisters while hiking, and he goes on to explain ways to prevent them, as well as treating them in the event they do appear.

I know from experience that something that seems small at first glance, without the proper knowledge to solve the problem, can quickly turn into something bigger, or continue to be a constnt annoyance, which can very easily ruin a trip. This article is similar to what we talked about with risk management vs. crisis management. It is important to know both, but as the saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," so being prepared and preventing blisters is much better than having to deal with them on the trail.

Anyone who enjoys hiking or backpacking should read this article, as well as anyone interested in starting to do either of these, because it will result in a much more enjoyable trip.

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