Monday, March 18, 2013

Article Assignment #1

Article: “Weekend Warrior: Camping in the Cold – A game of survival”

By: Joe Glickman
Published: March 13, 1998, New York Times

The key to a successful winter camping excursion is quite simple: Protect yourself from the elements.

This article is a personal account of Mr. Glickman, an experienced outdoorsman’s winter excursion in the Adirondacks. Joe Glickman and a few of his friends went on a three-day, two night camping trip in New York where they spent their days climbing mountains, their evenings discussing their own tales of winter mishaps and their nights in chilly lean-tos. Even though they’d been warned of rough conditions, they just referred to that as ‘occupational hazards’.

I would personally give this article 4 out of a possible 5 stars. I found that it was quite enjoyable to read, and I also feel as though the author was quite knowledgeable.  This article also managed to give me a nice and informed background and history of Mount Marcy and its climbers.  On a personal note, my brother Chris climbed Mount Marcy during his outdoor education class at Colonel By – he injured his foot at the top of the mountain and it took him four hours to get down. The article has taught me that what I already know about being fully prepared for the conditions truly is a mandatory part of winter camping. I have also learnt that marking you trail is a brilliant way to be certain not to get lost.

I feel as though after having read this heartfelt article that I should look into becoming more of an experienced person outdoors. I think this because this article makes me feel like once you have the proper training and gear; outdoor activities can become much more enjoyable as well as simple.

Glickman, Joe. "WEEKEND WARRIOR; Camping in the Cold: A Game of Survival." New York Times 13 March 1998.

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