Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ueli Gegenschatz soars in a wingsuit

Ueli Gegenschatz soars in a wingsuit

TED Talk

Rating: ****

A well sought after dream of many humans is flying, and Ueli Gegenschatz says he's come as close to flying as we can get.

Ueli Gegenschatz is a professional base jumper, meaning he will jump off of cliffs, mountains, buildings, or anything he can get on top of, in a wingsuit. He started as a skydiver, and eventually his interests changed to base jumping. But what's his goal in all this? To set the world record for the longest time airborne in a wingsuit. This may seem like an enormous feat to undertake, but Ueli trains night and day for base jumping, and even if he isn't able to break the record, he's sure to come close.

My reaction to this video was that I was impressed, I've always been intrigued by base jumping, so when I saw this video, I thought I'd like it. I'd recommend this TED talk to everybody, because even if you're not into things like this, there are some amazing shots that make the video worthwhile. I liked the video, although I doubt that I'll be base jumping anytime soon (i.e. ever) after watching those videos, but who knows, maybe I'll put it on my bucket list and do it when I'm 80 and have nothing to lose.

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