Friday, March 22, 2013

Article assignment #1

Article assignment #1
Banff, Albert – Banff, great for everyone!  By Marie Duchesneau
Rating: **** out of *****
The article “Banff, great for everyone!” is an informative, interesting and easy to read article about the author, Marie Duchesneau, visiting Banff for a ski trip with a group of teens and parents getting re-acquired with downhill sports. 

The article was informative and educational because the author gave general information and some statistics about Banff.  The author explained and provided information about three of the main ski hill and mountains in the Banff area – Lake Louise, Sunshine (Goat Eye Mountain), and Norquay.  This information helped the reader if you were going to have to make a choice about where the go.  She provided some advice and suggested tourists shouldn’t be afraid to ask the locals for information because there is so much to choose from and see.  The author also ended her article with brief information about the restaurants, bars and hotels, with good ways to get around, saying the tourist wouldn’t be disappointed because “there is truly something for everyone”. 

I have wanted to visit Banff and Western Canada for a long time.  In my grade 9 Geography class I did a powerpoint presentation on Banff and I learned a lot about it then.  I think that is why I was interested in reading this article too.  The article has wanted me to visit even more.  I found out that there are endless activities to do at Banff in the summer and winter.  Even though I like winter activities, I’m hoping that my family and I will be able to visit in the summer first because of the scenery and I think there might be more to do and see in the summer.

Overall I really liked this article and magazine.  There are other articles that talk about different places in Canada, United States, and other places in the world that has good skiing.  The article and magazine also had a lot of colorful pictures.

Duchesneau, Marie.  “Banff, Albert. Banff, great for everyone!” gendronski 2011-2012, page 6-7, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC, Canada.  Print.

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